Here you’ll find:

Teaching resources including:

  • information on sustainable practices to reduce water consumption,
  • units of work
  • lesson plans
  • support materials
  • catchment investigations
  • curriculum connections.

Student activities including:

  • self-guided activities to support water audits
  • water use investigations
  • resources to support water saving actions in schools.
Teaching resources


Sydney Water - water resources for primary teachers.
Stages ES1 - 3 | Cross KLA | Teaching units, Student activities, Fact sheets, Posters| Sydney Water

Wetlands Classroom kit - in celebration of World Wetlands Day a classroom kit.
Stages 2 - 3 | Cross KLA | Teaching units, Student activities, Fact sheets | Aust Dept of the Environment

The GreenWay Schools Sustainability Program - a local model of sustainabiltity involving 23 primary schools. Watch the video. The resource can be downloaded and includes a curriculum framework, activity sheets and excursion ideas.
Stage 2 | Science and Technology, HSIE, Creative Arts, Mathematics | Unit of work, Student activities | Local Sydney councils, Railcorp, Sydney Water, RTA

Sydney Catchment Authority - helping primary school students understand where water comes from and how to protect it.
Stages ES1 - 3 | Cross KLA | Teaching units, Student activities, Fact sheets | Sydney Catchment Authority

Primary and Secondary

Cool Australia - Primary & secondary water units
Stages 1 - 5 | Integrated, Inquiry Australian Curriculum aligned lesson plans | Cool Australia 

All stages | Cross KLA | Planning, Reference, Information | NSW Metropolitan Water Directorate

Water footprint - How people use fresh water
Stages 3- 5 | Cross KLA | Information  | World Wildlife Fund

Savewater - for water conservation information, includes a comprehensive education program. 
Stages 3- 4 | Cross KLA | Teaching units, Student activities, Fact sheets | SaveWater Alliance

Water Education Toolkits - features over 650 education resources.
Stages 3- 5 | Cross KLA | Teacher guides, Lesson plans | Aust Department of the Environment

Stages 3- 5 | Cross KLA | Information, Case studies  | NSW Metropolitan Water Directorate

Save water - from the LivingGreener website
Stages 3- 5 | Cross KLA | Information | Australian Government

Water education - providing links to water resources.
Stages 3- 5 | Cross KLA | Information, Web links | DEC Sites2See


Shining a light on sustainability - explains the concept of sustainability and highlights water as one area of concern.
Stages 4 - 5 | Cross KLA | Video | Australian Research Institute for Environment and Sustainability (ARIES)

Sydney Catchment Authority - resources relating to water quality, including HSC resources. 
Stages 4 - 6 | Cross KLA | Teaching units, Student activities, Fact sheets | Sydney Catchment Authority

Sydney Water High school excursions give students a behind the scenes look at how a water filtration or wastewater treatment plant works.
Stages 4-6 | Cross KLA | Program information, Educational tours | Sydney Water

Student activities

The variety of resources listed below focus on water and are provided for teachers to incorporate into a class room program. They can be investigated by students independently or be used as part of a group program within the class.

Interactive activities

Visit www.savewater.com.au for more water conservation information and visit the games arcade. A series of free Flash games to highlight the importance of saving water.

Check out Cool Australia's Digital Toolbox where you'll find video clips, documentaries, images, articles, stories and news for each major topic, including water.

Student activities

Water! The life of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area - three e-books created by students as part of the Enviro-Stories Education Program.