Here you’ll find:

Teaching resources including information on:

  • renewable and non-renewable energy
  • units of work
  • lesson plans to help students investigate different forms of energy
  • support materials 
  • curriculum connections.

Student activities including self-guided energy investigations and activities.

Teaching resources

The following are a variety of resources for use with students to:

  • help them understand what energy is, 
  • ways in which it impacts on the environment
  • energy efficiency measures they can take.

The resources are provided by a variety of government, not for profit and commercial organisations.


Ausgrid | Electricity & Safety Unit for Years 5 & 6.
Stages 4-5 | Science and Technology/Science | Information, activities, lessons | posters, certificates

Solar power – excerpt from ABC Catalyst program scaffolded for students
Stage 3 | Science and Technology | Video, Activities, Teachers | Splash ABC

Solar schools 
Stages 2-3 | Science and Technology | Lesson ideas, student activity sheets | Solar Schools

Kids saving energy - games, tips and facts suitable for kids who want to save energy.
Stages 2-3 | Science and Technology | Student activities | US Energy Information Administration

Primary and secondary

Curriculum Materials - Integrated, Inquiry Australian Curriculum aligned lesson plans
Stages 1 – 5 | Cool Australia

Sustainability Action Process - a scaffold to lead students through a five step action process.
Stages 2- 4 | Cross KLA | Teaching process | NSW DEC

Energy auditing - tools to help students audit their schools energy usage.
Stages 2- 5 | Cross KLA | Student resources, teaching resource | NSW DEC

Earth Hour teaching materials - to download materials you will need to register, it's quick and easy to do.
Stages 2-4 | Science and Technology, Science | Lesson plans, activities | World Wildlife Fund

Energy for Schools – energy efficiency resources
Stages 3-4 | all KLAs | Teacher resources, Information, Support materials, Interactivequiz | Origin Energy

Electricity learning resource
Stages 1-5 | Science and Technology/Science | Information  | Ausgrid

Energy eaters - ask an Expert .
Stages 3-5 | Science and Technology/Science | Information | ABC


Renewable Energy
Stages 5 | Science | Information, videos | ABC

Shining a light on sustainability - explains the concept of sustainability and highlights energy as one area of concern.
Stages 4-5 | Cross KLA | Video | ARIES

Tidal Power - excerpt from ABC Catalyst program looking at renewable and non-renewable resources.
Stage 4 | Science | Video, Activities,Teachers | ABC

SolarSchools website captures daily generation statistics from each participating school, updated hourly making it a dynamic educational and research resource.
Stages 4-5 | Science | Information, Activities | Grassroots Marketing Alliance

Energy efficiency and cracking knuckles Will a shadow cast on a solar panel reduce its efficiency? Is it possible to harness energy through compost? Which renewable resources are most effective in Australia? Listen to Dr Karl on an audio file from ABC Science.

Student activities

The variety of resources listed below focusing on energy are provided for teachers to incorporate into a class room program. They can be investigated by students independently or be used as part of a group program within the class.


How much does your lifestyle or school impact on the environment? How many earths would be needed if everyone lived like you? Try some of these calculators.

Learn about energy

About Wind Energy - You can ask a question about Wind energy and so much more, like how do wind turbines work?

Future Sparks: Clean energy Resource for 8 - 13 year olds. Dedicated to activities to inspire around renewable energy.

Country Energy - information about different types of energy, including solar, wind, hydro and biomass. Information is also available to help you be energy smart. 

Energy info zone - watch a series of videos on the various types of energy including solar, biomass, hydro, wave and wind power,

Student activities

Amy's Energy Saving Website - for primary students, produced by Ausgrid in collaboration with the Department of Education and Communities this site has a number of games and activities to introduce children to the importance of reducing household energy consumption.

Energy Quest - for primary and lower secondary students, interactive site where you can click to choose the type of information you would like to investigate.

Student digital toolbox - for year 9&10. From Cool Australia.

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