Environment Clubs

Environment clubs are often at the heart of a school’s sustainability activities and help achieve meaningful change within school communities. They inspire, motivate and give students opportunities to build leadership skills.

We spoke with 2015 Green Globe winner Seda Hammoud from Liverpool Girls High School, along with two peers and her teacher Donna Matthews, about how their environment club helped them to organise an eco summit for 300 students from surrounding schools. Check out the video below:

We prepared an environment club manual to help you get started and find great project ideas to inspire and activate your students. Students can use the tip sheets, project ideas, case studies and templates to inspire and inform their activities.

The manual can be viewed online in the following sections.

Environment Club Manual

1. Tip sheets

  • How to run student-led environment team meetings
  • How to fundraise and apply for grants
  • How to choose your projects
  • How to gain support from the school executive
  • How to promote your ideas to the school community
  • How to make your club engaging and fun
  • How to make measurable objectives and evaluate your success

2. Project ideas

3. Case studies of successful environment clubs

  • Ballina High School
  • Bede Polding College, South Windsor
  • Burwood Girls High School

4. Templates

  • Project plan template
  • Stakeholder map template
  • Meeting agenda template

Supported by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.

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