Sturt Public School

Sturt Public School is a progressive primary school in Wagga Wagga who, through their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) program, asked their year 3 and 4 students to look at ways of improving recycling and litter reduction.

In 2017, they undertook several initiatives including waste audits, ordering of recycling bins and appointing of bin monitors to educate all school students about recycling. As part of their program, the school also introduced a Return and Earn bin for collecting eligible containers.

The school, where the students are firm advocates and users of Return and Earn, continue to raise funds to support their STEM projects and have recently partnered with local Automated Depot St Vincent de Paul who provided new bins for the school playground and regular pickups at a small fee. The students are true eco-warriors, having published a book on recycling, rebranded their town’s rubbish trucks with their class designed super heroes, and taking control of their school’s recycling system by educating their peers and incorporating Return and Earn into the school for fundraising.